DC Dimmer offers the finest lineup of compact, easy-to-use, fully-assembled PWM dimmers for 12-14, 24-28 Volt or CUSTOM applications.

Our dimmers are designed to control both LED and Incandescent Lighting and feature:

  • Integrated On/Off switches on the Rheostat
  • Compact, self-contained design
  • Easy-to-use screw-down terminals for Input and Output wiring
  • Reverse-polarity protection and Over-voltage protection
  • Extremely resistant to vibration.  Conformal coated circuit board.
  • Highly flexible designs for LED Lighting or DC Motor Control

In use world-wide in vehicles of all types – Cars, Trucks, RVs, Military Vehicles, Experimental Aircraft, Marine, and Utility Vehicles

Please review our products and contact us to discuss your needs.

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